case study

"We've been working with Purple Seed for a few months now - they're super talented, hardworking and extremely easy to work with! We look forward to a long association with them.” - Skillmatics

Skillmatics, an Indian grown children’s games brand, aims to be one of the only trusted global brands in the world to help children build core skills at an early age with systematic learning all through the joy of play. Until 2019, Skillmatics banked on the product and had almost no communication strategy. However, after testing the international markets and bagging a $2 million funding from Sequoia, they decided to take it a notch up to heavily hit potential customers harder in the U.S. When Skillmatics came to us, we saw the lack of communication and positioning strategy not just for the international markets but also for the local consumer. After just about enough RnD, we helped them revamp their communication strategy and position the brand to make it appealing to a range of customers all over the world. This helped the brand target the ideal consumer more precisely and increased spends, with beneficial returns, by almost 1000% over 3 months.