case study

“The Instagram was so good, that even though I missed day 1, I felt like I was here!” - Bobbi Brown

Testing the markets for the first time with beauty, Brother’s Incorp came to us 2 months before the India Makeup Show. They had 2 aggressive targets to achieve, sales of Event tickets worth Rs. 299/- & sales for a Makeup Masterclass by Bobbi Brown for the first time in India starting at Rs. 15000/- and going upto Rs. 75000/- , all via social media.

Database Marketing, behavioural marketing & influencer marketing were the 3 tools we used to achieve targets. Offering a first time ever beauty experience in the country, the show not only caught eyeballs of the big players but we also managed to sell 300 tickets for IMS Masterstroke, the certified workshop by Bobbi Brown in Mumbai & Delhi.

We covered the event live on social media and had Bobbi herself say a few good things about the
social media team!